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Get to know the world around you by taking one of these social science courses available each semester at Vol State! The classes listed here offer a wide lens on the past and help us better understand the present. Classes are available on campus and online throughout the year – check out the Class Schedule for current available seats.

Classes Include

HIST 2310 Early World History - This course is a study of the emergence and development of civilizations in Europe, Asia, Africa, and America using the universal culture pattern. An analysis and comparison of the economic, social, political, intellectual, religious, and aesthetic characteristics of civilizations will be emphasized.

HIST 2320 Modern World History - This course is a study of modern Asia, Africa, America, Australia, and Europe utilizing the universal cultural pattern such as the interaction of economic, social, political, intellectual, religious, and aesthetic factors in the development of world history.

POLS 1010 Intro to Political Science - This course is an introduction to the study of comparative governments, ideologies, systems, institutions, and international relations.

POLS 1030 American Government - This course is an analysis of the democratic values, constitutional framework, and political dynamics of the U. S. political system with emphasis upon an evaluation of the Congress, Presidency, and Supreme Court.

GEOG 1012 Cultural Geography - This course is an introduction to the geography of human cultures. Course topics focus on human/environment interaction; demographics; distribution patterns and interactions of such cultural characteristics as language, religion, politics, urbanization, and economics. Field trips are required.

GEOG 2010 World Regional Geography - This course is a survey of the developed and developing world regions. Regional cohesion and differentiation will result from the concepts of space, interaction, physical characteristics, culture, and economics. Geographic techniques will be used throughout the course.

All these classes can be used to meet General Education requirements.

We are not makers of history. We are made by history.
-Martin Luther King, Jr.

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