Use Your TN Promise at Vol State

students on the Vol State campus in Gallatin

It’s time for high school seniors to apply for TN Promise and explore where to use it. We have hundreds of TN Promise students join us each year. Here are five reasons to attend Vol State with TN Promise:

-Student support: from orientation and through advising, we will make your college experience as smooth and efficient as possible.

-Extra academic support: we offer several free academic support programs to help with everything from writing papers to math homework.

-Campus life: we have student clubs and organizations, concerts, festivals and many other activities for students on campus.

-Committed to Completion: we’re committed to seeing you succeed by achieving a degree.

-Many transfer pathways for university programs: we specialize in university transfer programs and we have many direct pathways in majors for complete transfer.

We could come up with many more reasons, but that could get boring. We would rather have you explore what we have to offer yourself on our web page. Here are some links:

-We have more than 100 degree programs to choose from. Here is a list by academic division.

-We have programs in fast-growing job fields, such as Cyber Defense and Mechatronics.

You can apply to Vol State at any time. It’s easy to do and there is no application fee. To go started visit

If you have questions contact Admissions at 615-230-3688 or