Vol State Radio WVCP-FM Launches New Country Channel

WVCP FM logo

WVCP-FM 88.5 has launched a new radio channel- HD2 Fresh Country. The songs are chosen by students at Volunteer State Community College as part of their classes.

“We felt the HD2 signal would be a better teaching tool if the students actually learned how to put together a format and research music on a continuous basis,” said WVCP general manager Dianna Monk. “Since we operate on a community college budget, we’re not able to spend funding on focus groups; we send our music team to online platforms, where they note which new songs are getting downloaded the most. Our adds will change from week to week, just like commercial stations.”

The new format features songs no older than five years to fit with the ‘fresh’ moniker. It’s also open to a wider range of country artists. “This is not students picking their favorite songs,” Monk said. “The pros wouldn’t let them do that, so we don’t. We’re all about getting them ready for the real world.”

Vol State has run WVCP-FM for more than 40 years. The primary channel features hits from the 60’s, 70’s, 80’s, and 90’s. This second channel is now available to listeners with HD radio receivers, which are installed as standard options in many newer cars. Vol State operates the station with students and volunteers. It’s a training ground for people interested in all sorts of communication related professions, including digital radio and podcasting, an area of emphasis in the Entertainment Media Production program. For more information visit www.volstate.edu/wvcp.