Vol State RN Nursing Program Graduates Celebrate!

Vol State Nursing Graduates

Volunteer State Community College celebrated the graduation of the third class of Nursing students today with a pinning ceremony in Caudill Hall. Forty-nine students from the Gallatin and Livingston groups are graduating this year with an Associate of Applied Science degree in Nursing. The program prepares students to apply to sit for licensure as a Registered Nurse.

Awards were presented to students at each campus. The next group of Nursing students is already taking classes this summer. The application to apply for next year’s class will be available this fall. There are general education classes required to be taken before application. The program is competitive and there are GPA requirements. Visit the nursing web page for details.


  • Nadia Ali
  • Melissa Angevine
  • Cassandra Bartlett
  • Nichole Beck
  • Joanne Bellegarde
  • Bailey Brooks
  • Kaycee Carroll
  • Hannah Doucet
  • Cynthia Doyle
  • Erica Farwell
  • Rebecca Dutton
  • Sarah Hile
  • Drenushe Krqeli
  • Anna Lilly
  • Tiffany Millar
  • Carman Osorio
  • Ebony Oobu
  • Madison Rashe
  • Paige Reed
  • Alina Simion
  • Julie Smith
  • Pasinee Suwannarerk
  • Rachel Watson
  • Jesse Welch
  • Krista Zasada


  • Mark Asberry
  • Kendra Barlow
  • Gina Bohanan
  • Madeleine Bradley
  • Ava Cothron
  • Jana Davis
  • Annah Dubois
  • Hannah Fiedler
  • Hollie Fiedler
  • Samantha Greenwood
  • Michael Johnson
  • Jessica Jungenberg
  • Sydney Marek
  • Misty Mason
  • Blake McCabe
  • Brilee McCoin
  • Kary Grace McGee
  • Tieara Norman
  • Joseph Oracion
  • Alyssa Rogers
  • James Teeples
  • Kylie Way
  • Kellie Wisdom
  • Tyler York