Vol State Brings Virtual Teaching Skills to European OSHA Clients

Virtual learning has expanded in many ways during the Covid-19 pandemic. Now, staff members at Volunteer State Community College are taking virtual teaching techniques and applying them to a new audience, one that is well outside the usual focus of Middle Tennessee. Vol State is home to an OTIEC (OSHA Training Institute Education Center). OSHA health and safety training organized by Vol State reaches companies and employees across the southeast United States. A program is taking that education global as part of a U.S. Army Europe training initiative.

Vol State Campus Police Ranked 14 in National Report

The Volunteer State Community College Campus Police Department has been recognized as one of the top college law enforcement departments in the nation. The website ranked the Vol State police as number fourteen in the nation for campus security, using 2016 data. In addition to the crime data used in the study, the report also cites sex assault and theft awareness sessions held on campus, and an emergency alert system as reasons for the ranking.