Vol State Gallery

Vol State Gallery Features Works by Matt Eddmenson

partial image from Matt Eddmenson, “The Calm Feeling of Chaos” (2021)

The Art Gallery at Volunteer State Community College will be showing the work of artist Matt Eddmenson of Nashville. The exhibit is open to the public. A graduate of The Art Academy of Cincinnati, Eddmenson draws from a range of influences and sources for his practice, including Cowboy Comics, Pop Art, and the work of Cy Twombly. His works are gatherings and reconfigurations of American imagery and iconography, commonly featuring cowboys, skulls, and rodeo horses. He also incorporates images from the golden age of comics and tattoo culture.

Vol State Gallery Show a Tribute to Gallatin Art Teacher

Chip Boles- Blessed Thistle (Guinevere), 2018. Graphite and Gesso on Panel.

The Volunteer State Community College Art Gallery has a special show coming up in August. It features the work of former students of Gallatin High School art teacher, Doris Bills. For more than 30 years, Bills introduced students to the world of drawing, painting, and sculpture. “Waves of Gratitude: Artwork of the Former Students of Doris Bills” will be at the Vol State Gallery from August 1 through August 15.