Campus Sustainability Committee

The purpose of the Campus Sustainability Committee is to approve and oversee the use of Sustainable Campus fee funds that is consistent with Tennessee Board of Regents Policy B-065 for Sustainable Campus Fee Program.

Committee Activities

Develop a decision-making structure to establish on an annual basis:

  1. The amount of fees to be allocated to the TVA green power switch.
  2. The amount of fees to be allocated for on-campus sustainable initiatives.

The committee shall publish a status report at the end of each fiscal year for all program activities.

Reporting Relationships

Reports to the Vice President for Business and Finance


  • Two (2) faculty members
  • Two (2) staff
    • One (1) from Plant Operations
    • One (1) from staff
  • Student representation: 4 (one student must be from SGA)

Total membership: 8

Ex-Officio: Senior Director of Plant Operations
Ex-Officio: Vice-President for Business and Finance

Initial Meeting

3rd Friday, 11:00 a.m.