Institutional Effectiveness

The purpose of the Institutional Effectiveness Committee is to promote effective planning and assessment by ensuring the inclusion of all levels of College personnel in the process. In support of the Office of Institutional Effectiveness, Research, Planning and Assessment the committee will enable all College personnel to engage in and support the institutional effectiveness process.

Committee Activities

  1. Promote effective planning between departments and divisions of the College.
  2. Consult with, train and educate personnel about the planning and assessment process.
  3. Assist personnel with assessment projects and in the use of assessment results.
  4. Evaluate linkages between Institutional Effectiveness objectives and the College Strategic Plan.
  5. Review and award funding for special projects at the direction of the President.
  6. Evaluate the effectiveness process bi-annually to determine levels of participation.
  7. Assist with the development of workshop materials for training of personnel.
  8. Develop and maintain the Institutional Effectiveness Employee Handbook.
  9. Develop and maintain Institutional Effectiveness Procedures.

Reporting Relationships

Reports to the Vice President for Institutional Effectiveness, Research, Planning and Assessment


  • One (1) faculty representative from each academic division.
  • Two (2) Division Deans
  • Assistant Vice President for Academic Affairs
  • One (1) representative from Upper Cumberland
  • One (1) representative from Springfield/Highland Crest
  • Two (2) Department Chairs
  • Assistant Vice President for Student Services (responsible for Enrollment Management)
  • One (1) representative from the Library
  • Assistant Vice President for Continuing Education
  • Assistant Vice President for Business and Finance
  • Student representation:  2
  • At-large members:  2
  • Total membership:  20
  • Ex-Officio: Director of Institutional Effectiveness, Vice President for Institutional Effectiveness, Research, Planning and Assessment; Internal Auditor

Meeting Schedule

First Friday at 9:00 a.m.