Campus Facilities Committee

The purpose of the Campus Facilities Committee is to review, monitor, draft and recommend policies and procedures, guidelines and plans that affect college facilities owned, leased, or used by the College. Additionally, this committee will promote health and safety among all College constituents and recommend activities to the offices charged with ensuring the health and safety of students, employees, or other users of the College.

Committee Activities

  1. Facilitate communication among the various campus constituencies with regard to facilities use.
  2. Review campus rules and regulations affecting access to and use of the campus facilities by staff, administration, students, and the community.
  3. Review existing policies and practices as well as propose projects that may significantly impact the aesthetic quality of the college campus, the health, and security of individuals within the campus community, or the ability of the institution to fulfill its stated mission.
  4. Review and make recommendations concerning traffic and parking on campus.
  5. Review and make recommendations concerning emergency policies where campus facilities are concerned.
  6. Promote awareness of and coordinate the recycling efforts of the College and address environmental issues. The committee also establishes criteria for and funds recycling scholarships.
  7. Review the college’s comprehensive health and safety plan.

Reporting Relationships

Reports to the Vice President for Business and Finance


  • One (1) representative from Campus Police
  • One (1) representative from Access Center
  • One (1) representative from Plant Operations
  • One (1) representative from Upper Cumberland
  • One (1) representative from Springfield/Highland Crest
  • Chair of Health & Physical Education Department
  • Director of Environmental, Health, and Safety
  • Student representation: 2 (current Recycling Scholarship Winners)
  • At-large members: 8 (2 must be faculty)

Total membership: 17

Ex-Officio: Vice President for Student Services, Vice President for Business and Finance, Senior Director of Plant Operations, Director of Construction and Facilities, Principal Financial Analyst, Scholarship Associate in Resource Development

Initial Meeting

1st Friday, 10:00 a.m.