Food Service Advisory Committee

The purpose of the Food Service Committee is to represent the College community in ensuring quality service and products.

Committee Activities

Monitor and make recommendations concerning the following:

  1. Food and beverage selection.
  2. Menu and pricing presentation.
  3. Cleanliness and appearance of the facilities.
  4. Hours of operation.
  5. Quality of service.
  6. Vending services.
  7. Catering services.
  8. Assist with determining specifications for RFPs.
  9. Evaluate proposals and make recommendations for vendor selection.

Reporting Relationships

Reports to the Vice President for Business and Finance


  • One (1) representative from Academic Affairs
  • One (1) representative from Resource Development
  • One (1) representative from Student Services
  • One (1) representative from Public Relations
  • Student representation: 2
  • At-large members: 4

Total membership: 10

Ex-Officio: Manager of the Cafeteria, Representative from the food services vendor; Assistant Vice President for Business and Finance, Director of Purchasing and Contracts

Initial Meeting

Not scheduled; meets irregularly and as needed.