College Steering Committee

The College Steering Committee will act as a repository for the plans and proposals of other committees. Its primary function is to keep track of committee proposals and clearly communicate their status to appropriate constituents on campus. The Committee will also be responsible for the creation of committees for each academic year.

Committee Activities

  1. Makes recommendations concerning membership for standing committees.
  2. Follow up on recommendations and plans from standing committees when standing committees have not received feedback from their reporting Vice-President.
  3. Communicates status of plans and initiatives from standing committees to appropriate constituents.
  4. Hears appeals regarding committee placement, attendance or other issues and make recommendations.
  5. Confirms posting of standing committee minutes.
  6. Reviews and recommends specific improvements regarding standing committees’ structure, purpose, goals/activities and membership.
  7. Appoints chairs and recorders of college committees, if chairs and recorders are not selected by the committees themselves.
  8. Conducts standing committee New Chair and Recorder Training.
  9. Implementation of Timeline for Committee Selections

Reporting Relationship

President of the College


  • Faculty Council Speaker
  • Professional Council Speaker
  • Staff Council Speaker
  • One (1) Dean or Assistant Dean
  • Four (4) Faculty representatives
  • Six (6) Staff representatives (one from each Grand Division – Academic Affairs, Business & Finance, IERPA, Resource Development, Student Services, Economic and Community Development)

-Three (3) Professional Staff

-Three (3) Classified Staff

Total Membership: 14

Ex-Officio: Vice President for RASI

Initial Meeting

4th Friday, 9:00 a.m.