Internal Instructional Assessment Committee

The purpose of the Instructional Assessment Committee is to provide support for continued improvement in teaching and learning in all areas of academic programming by reviewing, implementing, and monitoring internal assessments to ensure a high level of academic integrity.

Committee Activities

  1. Recommend and review assessments related to the quality of instruction to ensure student success.
  2. Review results of assessments to plan, recommend, and initiate mechanisms to improve assessment results.
  3. Review processes and instruments related to internal assessments, including, but not limited to, Faculty/Supervisor Evaluations, Peer Reviews, and Student Evaluations.
  4. Make recommendations to the Promotion & Tenure Committee regarding assessments utilized within the process.
  5. Review and recommend policies and processes related to instructional delivery methods, academic initiatives, and academic support services.
  6. Review and assess effectiveness of academic support service programs (e.g., tutoring, library resources, etc.).
  7. Recommend processes and resources to support academic freedom.
  8. Create and maintain list of assessments and a cycle for committee review.

Reporting Relationships

Reports to the Vice President for Academic Affairs


  • One (1) faculty representative from each academic division
  • Two adjunct faculty members
  • Chair of Curriculum Committee
  • One (1) representative from Testing
  • One (1) Academic Dean or Assistant Dean
  • One representative from Learning Commons
  • Director of Library Services
  • One (1) Representative from TBR Center for Workforce Solutions
  • Faculty Council Vice-Speaker
  • One (1) representative from Upper Cumberland
  • One (1) representative from Springfield Center
  • Three (3) department chair or academic program director representatives
  • Student representation: 2

Total membership: 21

Ex-Officio: Vice President for Academic Affairs, Academic Affairs Assessment Officer, Assistant Vice President for Student Services, Administrator of Work Based Learning, Manager of K12 Partnerships, Coordinator of Teaching and Learning Center, Honors Director, Dean of Academic Support

Initial Meeting

1st Friday, 10:00 a.m.