Financial Aid and Scholarships Committee

The purpose of the Financial Aid and Scholarship Committee is to review and recommend guidelines, policies, and procedures which govern the distribution and awarding of non-Foundation, financial aid and scholarships.

Committee Activities

  1. Review and approve procedures for the awarding of scholarships.
  2. Review applicants and make recommendations for Academic Service, Diversity, and Honors scholarships
  3. Review and recommend changes to Financial Aid Policies and Procedures.

Reporting Relationships

Reports to the Vice President of Student Services


  • Five (5) faculty representatives (one from each division)
  • One representative from Admissions
  • One representative from Financial Aid
  • One representative from Business and Finance
  • One Representative from TRIO SSS
  • Honors Program Director
  • Manager of Diversity and Inclusion

Total membership: 11

Ex-Officio: Vice President of Student Services, Director of Financial Aid, and Scholarship Associate in Resource Development

Initial Meeting

3rd Friday, 9:00 a.m.