International Education Committee

The purpose of the International Education Committee is to develop and implement programs designed to bring a greater global awareness to the campus community through the intentional internationalization of the curriculum and support of faculty in that effort, support of campus activities that emphasize international concepts and issues, and support for student study abroad. The committee will review and recommend policies and procedures ensuring that the College maximizes its international education fee resources. The committee will review proposals for the use of and recommend use of the international education fee funds.

Committee Activities

  1. Create the international education plan and recommend its adoption.
  2. Promote and support the international education plan.
  3. Review and recommend revisions to the plan, as needed; at least annually.
  4. Establish priorities for distribution of international education fee funds.
  5. Review requests for and recommends use of international education fee funds.
  6. Review compliance with international education expenditures.

Reporting Relationships

Vice President for Academic Affairs


  • Five (5) faculty representatives, one from each Division
  • ESOL Coordinator
  • One (1) representative of Business and Finance
  • One (1) representative of Admissions
  • One (1) representative of Marketing, Communications, and Media Services
  • Designated School Official
  • One (1) representative from Upper Cumberland
  • One (1) representative from Springfield/Highland Crest
  • At-large members: 2
  • Student representation: 2 (one member of SGA)

Total membership: 17

Ex-Officio: Vice President for Academic Affairs, Director of Grant Development, Dean of Academic Support, Coordinator of International Education, Director of Advising

Initial Meeting

3rd Friday, 10:00 a.m.