Computing and Technology Committee

The purpose of the Computing and Technology Committee is to review and recommend policies and procedures ensuring that the College maximizes its computing and technological resources. This committee addresses issues related to computers and printers, institutional networking, software purchases, student computer labs, and other computing/technology needs. Technology issues include classroom projection systems, telephone services, fax capabilities, copiers, shredders, security measures, and other issues.

Committee Activities

In conjunction with the IT Department:

  1. Review the computer and technology plans and make suggestions.
  2. Review standards for computing (hardware and software) needs.
  3. Establish priorities for the distribution of computers and computer-related equipment and software.
  4. Establish priorities for the maintenance, acquisition, and implementation of new technology.
  5. Review requests for and recommend distribution of TAF funds.
  6. Review and address employee and student computer and technology issues.
  7. Review policy for disposal of surplus equipment.
  8. Review compliance with TAF expenditures.

Reporting Relationships

Vice President for Business and Finance


  • Five (5) faculty representatives (one from each division)
  • Coordinator of Accessible Technology
  • Director of Library Services
  • Director of Accounting
  • One (1) representative from Information Technology
  • Web developer
  • One (1) representative from Research, Assessment, and Special Initiatives
  • One (1) regional campus representative
  • One (1) representative from Economic and Community Development
  • Student representation: 1 (member of SGA)

Total membership: 14

Ex-Officio: Vice President for Business and Finance, Chief Information Officer, Associate Director of Information Technology, Senior Administrative Assistant IT Department, Director of Purchasing and Contracts, Chair of the Distance Learning Committee, Vice President for Academic Affairs

Initial Meeting: 4th Friday, 10:00 a.m.