The following resources are available to help you create materials that consistently embody the Volunteer State Community College brand.

Brand Identity

The Brand Identity is an organizational identity that includes how any body of people or works represents itself to the public, including its identifying marks. Volunteer State Community College, referred to as Vol State, has documented organizational standards to carefully craft and maintain consistent visibility of the college and its entities.

The branding identity also assists in ensuring standards for execution are followed by making clear guidelines for the property rights and usage of the Vol State brand.

The core strategy for branding is to warrant a consistently repeating appearance of the same logo to make an unforgettable impression on our students, employees, vendors, and the community as a whole.

All organization employees must understand that the Vol State logo represents a community exemplifying high standards. These standards are necessary to keep in consistent standing with the ideals of this community and include its logos, trademarks, copyrights, etc. – also known as the Vol State brand.


The Vol State logo is the official logo representing all aspects of Volunteer State Community College including all campuses and locations, its instructional services, and its representatives both nationally and internationally. If the usage brings visibility to the entirety of the Vol State community, the primary logo must be used.

The use of the Vol State logo or seal is strictly prohibited without written permission. Those wishing to use the Vol State logo or seal must submit a request specifying the purpose of the requested use to:
Tami Wallace
Director, Department of Marketing, Communications, and Media Services

To maintain the integrity of the "Volunteer State Community College," "Vol State", "Volunteer State Pioneers", "Vol State Pioneers" brands, all logos may not be used in combination with:

  • Content that is disparaging, can be viewed as hate speech, or is discriminatory based upon the Board's non-discrimination policies;
  • Content that is inconsistent with the System’s brand guidelines or current or established identity standards;
  • Content that infringes on any intellectual property rights;
  • Content that references alcohol, drugs, sexual connotations, or violence/firearms;
  • Reference to unofficial events;
  • Content with political or religious references;

The Department of Marketing, Communications, and Media Services has the right to refuse the use of the logo or seal for any reason or production of any item, whether print or digital.

Primary Colors


Pantone 2747 C
CMYK: 100 95 23 20
RGB: 0 26 114
HEX: #001A72


Pantone 201 C
CMYK: 25 98 77 20
RGB: 158 33 54
HEX: #9D2235


CMYK: 0 0 0 0
RGB: 255 255 255

Secondary Colors


Light Grey
CMYK: 20 15 15 0
RGB: 204 204 204


Light Blue
CMYK: 85 45 0 0
RGB: 4 123 193
HEX: #047BC1


CMYK: 0 0 0 100
RGB: 0 0 0
HEX: #000000

Email Signature

Faculty and staff are encouraged to use the official Vol State email signature in all correspondence. Using a consistent, branded email signature across campus helps strengthen the college's visual identity.

To obtain access, visit My Vol State, click on "Employee Forms", and select the "Signature Creation Tool" under the "Marketing, Communications, and Media Services" section in the right-hand column.