Dual Enrollment Credentials and Pathways

Dual Enrollment Credentials

Classes taken for dual enrollment can count toward a wide range of post-secondary credentials.

Vol State Programs of Study

Vol State has more than 100 academic programs in 6 major divisions. We offer hundreds of classes in a variety of times, locations, and formats.

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Dual Enrollment Degree Pathways

  1. Reduces the time after high school graduation to earn a degree or certificate
  2. Makes college completion more affordable
  3. Allows for career exploration
  4. Increases the likelihood of college completion and continued education
  5. Prepares the student for full-time college rigor

In order to maximize the benefits of Dual Enrollment participation, we encourage students to explore the below Dual Enrollment Pathways. Pathways are designed to provide a guideline for course selection based on a student’s inclination toward a career field. These are not intended to be rigid requirements, but rather guides for optimizing course selections.

Pathway Flyers