Vol State-China Exchange Program

Starting Spring 2021, Vol State students taking the following courses are partnering with Hangzhou Normal University and Wuxi Health School students to do a course project assigned by corresponding instructors. Students will have 4-6 weeks during March and April to finish the project.

The purpose of the Vol State-China virtual exchange program is to:

  1. Develop students’ research, problem solving, communication, and presentation skills.
  2. Expose students to different perspectives and cultural differences, increasing cultural awareness and understanding.
  3. Facilitate the exchange of ideas between students in different cultures.

For specific project tasks and objectives, see the project assignment in each course or contact the Vol State course instructor.

Participating Vol State Courses

  • BIOL 2020 Human Anatomy and Physiology II, Professor Girija Shinde
  • COMM 2025 C05 Fundamentals of Communication, Professor Ines Petrovic Mundzic with support from Professor Shellie Michael
  • ISCI 1030 Science Society Sustainability, Professor Santino Ladogana
  • MATH 1420 Geometry Concepts for Teachers, Professor Amber Sullivan

VolState-China Virtual Exchange Courses Spring 2021

Partner Schools

Hangzhou Normal University

Wuxi Higher Health Vocational Technology School

Participation Requirements

  1. Students need to agree to follow the rules and communication etiquette as stated in the course syllabus. Discuss topics with an open mind. All participants should avoid arguing over sensitive topics such as religion, politics, etc.
  2. Students are required to work as a team and turn in a high-quality report or presentation at the end of 4-6 weeks to earn credit for the project (Vol State students) or a certificate of achievement (HNU and Wuxi Health School students).
  3. Vol State students are required to play a leadership role and to share the background knowledge for the project with their partners in China.
  4. HNU and Wuxi Health School students are required to communicate in English and spend time working on the project as team members.

Deadline to join a team

The deadline for HNU and Wuxi Health School students to pair up with partner school students is March 15th, 2021. Please contact with your school supervisors for details to pair up and submit your Vol State-China Virtual Exchange Application.