Net Price Calculator Information

Net Price Calculator

The estimated cost of attendance is based on full-time enrollment for one academic year.

Students taking TN eCampus courses will pay at an increased technology rate. View specific information about TN eCampus fees.

Cost of Attendance (Fall 2023 – Spring 2024)

  Living with Parents Not Living with Parents Out of State
Tuition/fees* $4,752 $4,752 $18,612
Room/Board** $5,080 $17,566 $17,566
Books/Supplies $1,460 $1,460 $1,460
Transportation $1,870 $1,870 $1,870
Personal Expenses $2,430 $2,430 $2,430
Total $15,592 $28,078 $41,938

*Tuition/Fees are based on an Estimate

**Living Cost for dependent students is taken from the Dept. of Education EFC Formula

Some academic programs have additional costs outside of tuition, maintenance fees, miscellaneous fees, books, etc.  Students should contact their academic programs for information related to these additional costs.

Volunteer State Community College is not a residential college.  The institution does not provide housing for any of its students.