Clubs & Organizations

Student Clubs/Organizations provide ample opportunity for students to participate in campus governance and leadership opportunities to promote their educational, personal, and social development.

Students who participate in clubs/organizations will

  1. Develop on-the-job-skills such as fiscal management/budgeting, record keeping, and event planning.
  2. Identify skills on how to collaborate with others and work in a team atmosphere.
  3. Recognize professionalism through personal accountability such as time management, attitude, and work ethic.

Current Clubs & Organizations

Join a Club/Organization that interests you!
The following list of clubs/organizations is subject to change. For additional information, contact the Office of Student Engagement & Support. 

The following information MUST be completed to be considered an active club/organization on campus:

  1. At least one member must attend a club/organization training session with the Coordinator of Student Activities.
  2. The club/organization must participate in the recruitment event each fall and spring semester by providing club members and club materials to promote the club and motivate students to join.
  3. The club/organization must submit a Semester Action Plan each fall and spring semester that includes a completed Advisor Agreement and provides at least 10 currently enrolled students to act as club members.

Want to create or reactivate a Club?

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