Recording Studio

Vol State's recording studio supports academic programs such as Recording Industry Management. It is located in the Ramer Administration Building room 167.

We have up-to-date equipment such as our Avid/Euphonix S5 Fusion Digital Audio Console with Eucon Technology making us one of the most technically advanced facilities in the area.

Recording Services

We currently offer two options for recording your work: Professional and Enthusiast.


Hire one of our resident engineers to handle your project in a timely and professional manner. Quality is assured to the highest standards.

This is the best option if:

  • You have a professional project
  • You have a deadline to keep
  • Require more experienced engineers
  • Need a professional quality guarantee

See our resident engineer profiles on our Staff page. Each engineer a professional with varying amounts of experience. Contact the engineer that suits you for a consultation.


Have one of Vol State Recording Industry Practicum students work with you at a more leisurely pace.

This is the best option if:

  • You just want to get something recorded
  • You have no real time requirements
  • You prefer to record for free
  • You wish to help a student gain experience
  • You don't need the best product out there

Picking this option gets you working with a Vol State Recording Industry Practicum student. These students are usually just starting up in the world of recording. They will have busy school schedules and will get to your project in a "first come first served" basis. These students will not be able to keep up with any strict deadlines.

Email us at to be added to our queue. Remember this is a "first come first serve" option. We will email you back with any information we can provide.