Prior Learning Assessment and Alternate Sources of Credit

Credits are provided not only through classroom activities but also through other places in life. When credit is awarded in this manner, it is because the student has demonstrated the equivalent knowledge, skills, and abilities that would be gained in pursuing a specific course or courses offered by the college. This type of credit is referred to as Prior Learning Assessment (PLA) and falls into four main categories. The alternative sources of credit are outlined in this policy

Check the Transfer and External Credit section of the college catalog for information about each area below.

Credit For Service in The Armed Forces

Credit by Examination

  • Credit for ACT/SAT scores
  • Credit for CLEP Subject Examinations
  • Credit for Advanced Placement Examinations
  • International Baccalaureate Credit
  • Cambridge International Exam (CIE) Credit
  • Dual Credit Exams
  • Credit for CAP Exam
  • Foreign Language Placement Testing and Credits Granted
  • Credit for Fundamentals of Music Theory
  • Credit by Local Examination
  • Credit for Private Music Instruction
  • Credit for Class Piano

Credit For Workforce and Other Training

  • Credit for Nursing LPN to RN
  • Credit for POST Certification
  • Credit for Firefighter Certifications
  • Credit for EMT, AEMT or Paramedic Certification
  • Credit for Passing the RPSGT Exam

Portfolio Credit