Portfolio Credit

Portfolio Credit is a process for granting Vol State students college credit for their work experiences. This can result in fewer needed classes to fulfill graduation requirements.

Instructions for Portfolio Credit

  1. Contact the Manager of Adult Learners and Veterans Affairs.
  2. Upon completion of the portfolio credit request form and approval to pursue the portfolio credit, the Manager of Adult Learners and Veterans Affairs will inform you (requesting party) of:
    • The deadline for completion of the portfolio or submission of the required documentation.
    • The faculty member who may be assigned to review your documentation and make recommendations regarding approval or denial of credit.
    • The procedures to be followed throughout the review process.
  3. The requesting party will make payment, provide the Manager of Adult Learners and Veterans Affairs with a copy of the receipt from the VSCC Business Office verifying payment and present the portfolio/presentation.
  4. The Manager of Adult Learners and Veterans Affairs will submit the portfolio to the Portfolio Credit Review committee (comprised of the academic dean and his/her designees).
  5. The Portfolio Credit Committee will review and recommend approval or denial of credit.
  6. The review committee will recommend to the Vice President of Academic Affairs their approval or denial for credit.  If approval for credit is given by VP of Academic Affairs, the portfolio is returned to the Manager of Adult Learners and Veterans Affairs with the recommendation of approval.  A letter will be sent to the requester notifying credit has been approved.
  7. The Manager of Adult Learners and Veterans Affairs will inform Office of  Records and the requesting party if credit is to be awarded.  Otherwise, the Chair will inform the requesting party that credit has been denied.


Student Portfolio

The student's portfolio may include the following:

  • Cover page and detailed outline or table of contents.
  • Most current course syllabus of the course petitioned for credit.
  • Detailed resume to include: education, employment history, continuing education units, professional activities, association memberships, civic and social activities, honors, etc.
  • Narrative: to be typed in manuscript style with a detailed explanation of activities listed in the resume, describing the theoretical and experiential knowledge as it relates to the specific course.
  • Verifications: documents such as transcripts, professional certificates, documentation regarding previous military experiences, CEU's, letters of reference from employers and colleagues, professional evaluations, testimonials, position descriptions, performance evaluations, products of professional activities, etc.