Portfolio Credit

Currently enrolled and former credit students may request consideration of college credit to be awarded for life experience. Portfolio Credit may not be requested for subject areas that offer credit by examination options, and some courses may not be available for Portfolio Credit at the discretion of the department faculty.

The Office of Records and Registration oversees the Portfolio Credit application process. Applicants may contact the Office of Records and Registration to obtain a description of the application process and required forms. A non-refundable $25 application fee per course is required for the credit requested. Students requesting Portfolio Credit should apply at least one semester before they are considering enrolling in a particular class. Requests for Portfolio Credit should be submitted at least two semesters prior to graduation.

The student’s portfolio should include the following:

  • Cover page and detailed outline or table of contents.
  • Most current course syllabus of the course petitioned for credit.
  • Detailed resume to include the following: education, employment history, continuing education units, professional activities, association memberships, civic and social activities, honors, etc.
  • Narrative: A detailed explanation of activities listed in the resume and the verifications, describing the theoretical and experiential knowledge as it relates to the specific course.
  • Verifications: documents such as transcripts, professional certificates, documentation regarding previous military experiences, CEUs, letters of reference from employers and colleagues, professional evaluations, testimonials, position descriptions, performance evaluations, products of professional activities, etc.
  • In some cases, additional skills demonstrations or other activities may be required at the discretion of the department. Additionally, some departments may require specific elements or assignments to be included in portfolios. Department-specific directions can be obtained from the relevant department.

Once received, the Portfolio will be evaluated by a Portfolio Assessment Committee, consisting of faculty in the discipline(s) for which portfolio credit has been requested. The Portfolio Assessment Committee will review the Portfolio and recommend appropriate course credit based on an analysis of the Student Learning Outcomes of the courses and the learning documented in the Portfolio. If the Portfolio Assessment Committee recommends credit, the Portfolio will be routed to the relevant Division Dean(s) and the Vice President for Academic Affairs for approval. If approved, course credit will be posted on the transcript under the heading; “Portfolio Credit”

Credit awarded through Portfolio Credit is not considered towards the College’s 25% graduation residency requirement.