5 Action Items to Have a Successful Semester

Fri, Aug 19, 2022

As classes start up, here are 5 tips to keep in mind to get the most out of the semester.

1) Go to class: it sounds simple, but attending each class is the first step in doing well in a class.

2) Buy the textbook: Search for the cheapest copy, get it and read it. Make sure it is the edition specified by your instructor. Don’t get behind on reading assignments.

3) Keep a calendar: many successful students keep a calendar of upcoming assignments and often mark them down by day when they need to do work on them. It can be a physical notebook calendar, Apple calendar, or Microsoft Office Outlook. The computer versions have the advantage of automatic reminders.

4) Work ahead of the deadline: If you wait until the last minute you probably won’t do your best work. If something comes up in your life you may even miss an assignment. If you work ahead you can do better work and not miss deadlines. Just don’t work too far ahead- you want to keep pace with the class.

5) Start work early on big assignments: If you have a big paper or speech or some other assignment coming up in a class, get started early...maybe even start now. You can do some basic web surfing to come up with a topic and maybe even start research.

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