Entrepreneurship Technical Certificate in Springfield

In June 2024, Vol State announced a groundbreaking partnership with Small Town Startup, located in downtown Springfield, to foster entrepreneurship and innovation within the local community.

This groundbreaking partnership will concentrate on delivering classes at the Small Town Startup location, allowing aspiring entrepreneurs to obtain a technical certificate in Entrepreneurship from Vol State. The goal is to bring education directly to the heart of Springfield, empowering individuals to turn their business ideas into reality and contributing to economic growth and prosperity in the region.

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The Entrepreneurship Technical Certificate equips students with essential business knowledge and skills to effectively manage their own small business or contribute to the success of an employer's small business. The program's knowledge and skills are also relevant to various business roles across different sectors. Additionally, completion of this program can lay a strong foundation for further studies toward an associate degree or beyond.

Furthermore, the partnership between Vol State and Small Town Startup will establish work-based learning internship opportunities. During these internships, students will collaborate with local businesses to address real-world challenges through hands-on projects. The focus of these internships will include improving efficiencies, developing marketing strategies, managing supply chains, conducting research and development, and other essential aspects of business operations.

The cohort is tentatively scheduled to launch in August 2024 and will include:

Registration for the fall semester is now open, and interested students are encouraged apply today! 

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