Procurement Card Policy

Policy Number


The procurement card (procard) program has been developed to streamline the purchasing process including requisitioning, procurement, receiving, and payment processing for low-value ($5,000.00 or less or as assigned) purchases.

Program Overview

The VSCC Procurement Card Program manual provides detail instructions on the operating procedures and responsibilities of cardholders.

A departmental representative will be selected, by the department head/division dean, to maintain the activity log(s), and post account charges. The division dean/department head must approve each month’s activity log sheets. A web-based system will allow the representative and the department head/division dean to view all charges for their department. When the monthly billing statement is available, the department representative should verify all charges on the monthly billing statement against the activity log(s). Once verified, the representative will enter the appropriate account numbers into the online system.

Program Advantages

  1. Reduces Workload – Processing of paperwork is significantly reduced for requisitioning, purchasing, receiving, and accounts payable activities. A single electronic bank transaction will replace individual vendors' invoices received and checks printed, saving time and money.
  2. Improved Deliveries and Quicker Information – Without delays in processing requisitions, the purchase is made by the departmental employee. The availability of items, process, and ship dates are known immediately.

Program Administrator

The Director of Purchasing & Contracts will be administrating the Procard Program.


VSCC Source: July 29, 1999, August 2002, President; May 28, 2004, President's Cabinet; January 9, 2009, President's Cabinet