Vol State Mental Health Resources For Students

Fri, Jan 26, 2024

College can be difficult, and school responsibilities can look daunting when tragedy, illness, and other adverse life events occur. The mental capacity to learn is necessary to be a successful college student. Talking through these events, emotions, or experiences with a licensed professional can drastically improve academics and other life components when students face barriers.

A Vol State student who used the free counseling sessions through Recuro said, "The therapy service is life-altering; it is amazing what I have realized and changed with therapy... My therapist has taught me many things that I can do to help me adapt to where I can be more in the moment." Vol State's mental health services can significantly impact a student's life, especially during high-stress times like college. At Vol State, we want to offer students the chance to have fulfilling personal and emotional development alongside our programs and courses.

Here are some options for Vol State students to receive free or income-based professional mental health help.

Vol State's mental health partner, Recuro Health, offers students six free virtual counseling sessions. Students complete this form or email Wellness@volstate.edu to be referred for this service. Students may also use an office in Student Services (Wood 217) for their counseling sessions if they need access to a private space or want to attend sessions on campus.

Volunteer Behavioral Health is another great option for students. This agency offers long-term counseling that can be in person or virtual, and payment is based on a sliding scale. Students can call 877-567-6051 or complete their contact form online. A representative from Volunteer Behavioral Health will contact the student to determine if they are eligible for the safety net grant and then set up their first appointment. Volunteer Behavioral Health has 21 locations across Middle Tennessee, including Livingston, Springfield, Cookeville, and Gallatin.

There are lots of resources for currently enrolled students here at Vol State. If you are struggling with food insecurity, academic issues, or mental health access, please reach out to Student Services. We are here to help!

If you have any questions, suggestions, or comments, please contact Student Services at 615-230-3442, email us at Wellness@volstate.edu, or stop by and see us in Wood 217.

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Lillian Hickman, Student Support Services
Mental health resources at Vol State