Virus and Worm Alerts

The purpose of Virus Protection or Antivirus is to protect your computer from infection by a virus, worm and other security threats. Antivirus software helps to defend your computer against known and emerging threats by looking for certain types of behavior.

Many or these threats come from files with a .pif and .scr extension. Sophos has identified over 8500 such threats from just these file types. Even though Antivirus software provides protection from most threats, you should be extremely careful when downloading files to your computer.

Vol State owned Faculty and Staff computers have Microsoft Endpoint Antivirus Protection installed that is automatically updated to help protect you from infection. In order for this software to work properly, your computer must be left on every night so that the software can download the latest virus definitions. If you have a laptop or other computer that has been disconnected from the network or turned off for more than a few days, you should manually run your virus update.