Buying Textbooks and Required Materials

What Books and Materials Will I Need?

You can find a list of the materials you will need for class at the Vol State Bookstore. Visit the bookstore on-campus your campus, call them at (615) 230-3636, or shop via the Vol State Online Bookstore.

  1. Go to the Textbooks section of the Vol State Online Bookstore.
  2. Enter your V# in the “Student ID” field and click the blue “ENTER” button.
  3. Select the Term you want and click the blue “FIND COURSES” button.
  4. View your list of textbooks and materials.

Choosing the “Right” Book

Access Codes or Textbooks with Access Codes

Books with access codes/access cards mean you will be paying for access to an online component. Most often, the code gives you access to your textbook and a homework platform. We don’t recommend buying a book with an access code from 3rd party sites like Amazon. You may find that you are given a code that has already been used by a previous student.

DEI – many Vol State courses that use access codes are part of a Digital Engagement Initiative. This bills your textbook/access code cost directly to your student bill, giving you first-day access to the materials. You have the right to opt out of this program, but it is typically the best price you will find for your materials. You will be sent opt out instructions at the beginning of each semester. You should check with instructors BEFORE opting out of DEI materials. These materials often include homework modules as well as required text. If you opt out, you may lose access to the homework platform.

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Paperback or Hardcover Books

Some courses will have a paperback or hardcover book to purchase. If you choose to purchase these from a 3rd party site like Amazon, ensure that the book has the correct author and edition. Many textbooks have similar names and multiple edition numbers.

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Textbook Rentals

One way to save money on textbooks is to rent. Some books allow you to rent a used physical copy of the textbook. Some books will have digital rentals available. For a digital rental, you will have access to your book in an online portal for a certain amount of time—usually 1 or 2 semesters. Some textbooks will have both physical and digital rental as an option.

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Recommended Books

Books listed as Recommended are available to buy but are optional

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No Books

If you have a course that says, “No books required for this course.” All your required materials will be provided for you. Most of the time, you will find reading materials have already been built into eLearn.

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Using Financial Aid to Pay for Textbooks & Materials

If you have an available credit balance on your Financial Aid package, you can charge textbooks against that balance.  Keep an eye on your Vol State email. About 2 weeks before the start of each semester, eligible students will get a message with detailed information about when, where, and how to charge Vol State textbooks and materials to their Vol State student account.