Student Handbook and Student Conduct Policy

We are excited that you have joined the Vol State community. Now that you are here, we encourage you to read the student handbook and the student conduct and discipline standards policy as they help you better understand this community's expectations and processes. 

Student Handbook

The Vol State Student Handbook is a great resource to help you get an overview of how Vol State works. It explains your rights and freedoms, outlines vital academic information services available to you, and outlines conduct, safety, and guidelines that every student should know about.

Student Conduct and Discipline Standards Policy

The purpose of Policy III:00:05 is to outline definitions, hearing procedures, academic misconduct, and academic misconduct proceedings applicable to the Volunteer State Community College (VSCC) community. 

Additional Policies

In addition to the Student Conduct and Discipline Standards Policy above, Vol State has many policies that outline the expectations of our campus community. Some of the policies have a direct impact on students, like III:00:06 Student Complaint Procedures. Others, like VII:01:24 Email Policy, have an indirect impact on students. You can view all Vol State’s policies on the Vol State Website.