Vol State Music Student Sarah Cannon Receives APSU Scholarship

Wed, Apr 05, 2023

Sarah Cannon, mezzo-soprano, will be graduating this year and heading off to continue her studies at Austin Peay State University. She will major in Music Education with a concentration in voice and has received a $21,000 scholarship to APSU.

Several years ago, I worked out an agreement with the voice faculty there, that if our voice students perform a memorized sophomore recital, submit the video recording, and graduate from Vol State, this recital will count as their Junior Level Hearing. That means they will enter as a junior as soon as they transfer instead of waiting a semester to prepare and perform their recital at Austin Peay. This saves time and money for our students, a win-win.

Sarah will be singing songs in several languages: Italian, French, German, and of course, English. We will have a guest music faculty member on clarinet, Sheila Hotchkiss, and Dr. Nicholas Reynolds, VSCC faculty,  will be the collaborative pianist with Sarah.

Everyone is invited to attend on May 9 @ 7:00 p.m. in SRB 151/choir room.  The program will last approximately 45 minutes. 

Blog Author
Nancy Slaughter, Associate Professor of Music
Vol State Student Sarah Cannon Music Education, Class of 2023