Dual Enrollment Student Checklist

Dual Enrollment (DE) students at Vol State should use the following checklist to guide them through the process of applying to Vol State, applying for the Dual Enrollment Grant, and for preparing to begin with their Vol State classes to ensure they do not miss any important steps.

Apply to Vol State
  • DE Application and Grant Directions (PDF)
  • SSN is needed if also applying for Dual Enrollment Grant
  • Academic Goal: "I want to take classes while I'm still in high school"
  • Verify parent/guardian and counselor emails are correct
  • Remember the application username and password that you create. You will need these again.

Apply here

Vol State Application Walkthrough for Dual Enrollment Students
Follow up on Application Items
Apply for the Dual Enrollment Grant (recommended but not required)
  • Dual Enrollment Grant Application Directions (PDF)
  • SSN (Social Security Number) on grant application must match SSN on Vol State admissions application for grant to be awarded if determined eligible
  • Students must maintain a minimum 2.0 post-secondary GPA at the end of each semester to keep DEG eligibility
  • Students are responsible for all fees not covered by the grant and if they lose grant eligibility
  • Visit the TN Dual Enrollment Grant webpage for information on the award and eligibility
  • Visit Vol State’s dual enrollment page for “Paying for Dual Enrollment Classes
  • Consortium Agreement: This is needed if you are taking dual enrollment classes at more than one college or university during the same semester

Read more about this grant

Submit college transcripts from other institutions (if applicable)

Transcripts must be official and must be mailed directly from the school to Vol State. Vol State does not evaluate transcripts faxed or student copies. Once your transcripts are posted as "received" in the Admissions Office, your transcripts will be forwarded to the Records & Registration Office to be evaluated by a Transcript Analyst.

Read more about transcripts

Locate your Vol State Student ID# (V#) and username, set password, and access the portal

Locate your student ID number (V#)

  • On the admissions application status page (24-48 hours after submitting application)
  • Or in the paper welcome letter that is mailed to you
  • Or call Admissions at 615-230-3688 (the student must call)

Locate your username and set a password

  • Visit volstate.edu and click on “My Vol State”
  • Click the green “Set/Reset Password” and follow the instructions
  • Take note of your username and set your password

Accessing the Vol State Portal

  • Visit volstate.edu and click on “My Vol State”
  • Click “Sign in with Microsoft”
  • Your login username is your Vol State email address (yourusername@volstate.edu)
  • Use the password that you created
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