Dual Enrollment Grant Consortium Agreements

If you are eligible for the Dual Enrollment Grant and are taking dual enrollment classes at more than one college or university during the same semester, you will need to fill out a consortium agreement. TSAC sends eligible funds to the institution that is listed on the TSAC DEG application. The consortium agreement allows that institution to send the appropriate grant funds to the other institution. 

If you listed Volunteer State Community on the TSAC DEG application: 

  • Email danielle.wright@volstate.edu to request a consortium agreement
  • Fill out the agreement
  • Send the agreement to the other institution where you are also taking dual enrollment courses
  • The other institution will complete the form and return it to Vol State
  • Once the form is received by Vol State, the funds will be sent by Vol State directly to the other institution

If you listed the other college or university on the TSAC DEG application, reach out to that institution for the consortium agreement to begin the process.