TRIO Tutor Training Class 5: Study Skills

"Learning is not attained by chance, it must be sought for with ardor and attended to with diligence." Abigail Adams

Good study skills are essential for good students. Since you are all good students, it is assumed you have good study skills.

Tutors are students who are successful learners. They have learned how to learn. As a tutor, it is your responsibility to communicate the principles of effective learning to your students. A good majority of the students who seek tutoring do not have good study skills. If these students took a course on study skills, it would probably cover a broad spectrum of subjects including, time management, memory skills, test taking skills, listening skills, note-taking skills, how to read a textbook, and learning styles.

Encouraging students to develop good study skills requires you to assess the areas where students need help. Usually, students will not be able to accurately identify the areas where they need help. For instance, students who are always late for a tutoring appointment might need some time management techniques. You might ask them to describe the activities in their average day.

Some students have never learned how to take notes in class. You might ask the students you tutor if you can look at their notes. If you see that they do not know how to take notes, you could recommend that they look over the different good notes.

Many students do not realize that there are techniques for taking a test, or more importantly, how to overcome returned test. Others may have to manage test anxiety.

As a tutor, you are a resource for your students. If you find that some of your students have poor reading skills, you can provide them with handouts that could improve their memorization techniques. Improved reading skills and improved memorization skills can be a big step toward being a successful student.

Students seeking tutoring have often experienced poor grades; this could be the direct result of their personal study habits. You can provide a valuable service to them by giving them direction and encouragement to develop good study skills.

Look at these wonderful sites for valuable information on how to improve your study skills.