Motor Pool

  1. Motor vehicles are maintained by Volunteer State Community College to facilitate official college business. It is the responsibility of all employees who operate these motor pool vehicles, to ensure the safe, efficient, and economical utilization of such vehicles. All college vehicles shall be used in accordance with the provisions of the Tennessee Board of Regents (TBR) Policy 4:03:02:00 Motor Vehicles.
  2. All Vol State vehicles are assigned through the Plant Operations at (615) 230 - 3616. You will be given a Travel Report form from the scheduler prior to receiving a car for travel. It will contain instructions for completing the form. Attached to the keys will be a card container with the car number and emergency telephone contacts to call in case of accident or breakdown. State vehicles should be returned to the Plant Operations area immediately upon return to campus, unless offloading requires the vehicle at other locations for a short period of time. The Travel Report must be turned into the scheduler at that time. After normal office hours, the Travel Report and keys may be turned into the Campus Police officer on duty.
  3. The use of State-owned vehicles is limited to employees of the college who have proper travel authorization from their department heads. These employees must possess a valid operator's license. State travel regulations must be followed whenever a college vehicle is in use. Operators of college vehicles will observe all parking and traffic regulations on and off campus. Operator and passenger(s) shall keep safety belts fastened at all times while the vehicle is in motion. Smoking is prohibited inside Vol State vehicles. The following procedures will be used:
    1. State vehicles will be used whenever possible. For out-of-state travel, air travel should be considered.
    2. These vehicles, while checked out to you, may be used only on State business as authorized.
    3. A state procurement card can be requested when it is anticipated that the travel will be long enough in duration as to require more than one tank of fuel. Issuance and use of these credit cards is governed under MVM Policy No. 321.06-04. (Motor Vehicle Management Division)
    4. In the case of accidents involving employees of VSCC operating State vehicles, claims may be made against VSCC only through the State Office of Risk Management. Otherwise, injured persons may elect to initiate a civil action against the employee individually, in which case neither VSCC nor the State provides any protection against personal liability. Any employee who operates a State vehicle should obtain appropriate liability insurance for his or her own protection.
      • When involved in an accident, the operator should if able, contact Volunteer State Community College Campus Police immediately after provisions have been made for any injured personnel. 615.452.8600 or 1.888.335.8722 (VSCC)
      • Given the location of the accident, VSCC Police will proceed to the site and make their own report. They will take picture of the site and vehicles. If the location of the accident is more than 100 miles, then the operator of the vehicle will be responsible for gathering all information and documentation.
      • VSCC personnel will request a copy of the Police Report from the local authority with jurisdiction. A list of all witnesses and those involved shall be obtained.
      • All VSCC employees will make no admission of guilt or liability in an accident. They will provide any and all other information requested by the law enforcement officer(s) on site.
  4. Passengers in Volunteer State Community College vehicles shall be limited to the following:
    • Vol State employees when within the scope of employment;
    • Vol State students engaged in institutionally sponsored activities; and
    • Other persons, when there is a business necessity for them to accompany an employee on official business as guests of the College.
  5. Employees who misuse motor vehicles will be subject to disciplinary sanctions, depending upon the magnitude of the misuse and the frequency with which it has occurred. MVM Policy No. 321.06.05 establishes procedures for the operation of all state vehicles as well as these guidelines to avoid which are listed below and taken from TBR Policy 4:03:02:00 :
    1. Utilization of radar detection devices in state vehicles;
    2. Violations of traffic laws; this includes exceeding posted speed limits, reckless driving, and illegal parking;
    3. Careless operation that results in damage to the vehicle or injury to persons or property;
    4. Use of a vehicle for personal business or unauthorized commuting purposes; or,
    5. Use of a vehicle contrary to the provisions of this policy.
  6. Volunteer State Community College will adhere to all policies enacted by the state legislature for governing the purchase of motor pool vehicles so as to conform to any requirements for increased gas mileage, alternative fuels, efficient operation, and economical cost.
  7. Anyone needing to file a claim resulting from an accident involving a state-owned vehicle, should notify the Division of Risk Management.