Parking Decals

All VSCC employees, students and Foundation trustees must display a VSCC parking decal on their vehicle.  Failure to display this decal will result in a citation and fine.  Persons are expected to read and familiarize themselves with the VSCC Traffic and Parking Regulations Policy IV:30:07.  Ignorance of the regulations is no defense for a violation.

Vehicle Registration

Beginning September 2018, if you have previously registered your vehicle and have no changes to your submission, you may simply stop by the Campus Police office to obtain your new infinity decal.


New students and those who have purchased a new vehicle need to complete the Online Parking Decal Registration and obtain a decal from Student Services (Wood Campus Center Room 217). The requestor must present a current VSCC ID to obtain a decal. Students may request up to two parking decals.

A campus access fee which covers the purchase of a parking decal has been paid through your tuition. There is no additional charge.


New employees and those who have purchased a new vehicle need to complete the Online Parking Decal Registration and obtain a decal from the Campus Police Department.  The requestor must present a current VSCC ID to obtain a decal. Employees may request up to two parking decals.

Each year, a one-time $9 charge is paid by all VSCC employees for the campus access fee.  This amount is deducted from employees’ September 30 pay.  The campus access fee is not tied to vehicular use.  It is a fee charged to all employees of the college.


Campus visitors must obtain a temporary parking permit from the Campus Police Office and properly display the permit from their rearview mirror.

Ready to Register?

Before proceeding to the Online Parking Decal Registration, please have the following information:

  • Vehicle Make, Model, Year, License Plate Number and Color of the Vehicle
  • Pop-up blocker must be disabled for the registration form to work correctly

Decal Placement

The decal must be placed on the outside of the rear window in the bottom left corner on the driver’s side.  Soft top/convertible vehicles are the only vehicles qualifying for an interior decal. Interior decals must be displayed in the lower corner of the passenger side front windshield. Interior decals will solely be issued through the Campus Police Department with the verification of the vehicle type. The proper display of a current parking decal and not simply its possession authorizes parking.

Additional Information

Decals must be properly displayed on your vehicle to avoid receiving a parking fine. 

Faded or damaged decals will be replaced on an as-needed basis.

Faculty, staff and students are not permitted to park in areas designated as VISITOR or RESERVED PARKING prior to 5 pm, no matter the duration of the time on campus.  

Notify Campus Police when leaving a vehicle on campus overnight. Any motor vehicle left unattended longer than five (5) business days without notifying the Campus Police Department will be considered abandoned.

Lost or stolen decals must be reported immediately to Campus Police.

A temporary parking permit must be displayed on any non-registered vehicle when parked on campus.  It is the responsibility of the driver to obtain a temporary permit when using an alternate vehicle without a parking decal. Employees and students may obtain a temporary permit from the Campus Police Department at each campus site.