Campus Police Services

campus police officer walking on campusCampus Safety Escorts

For safety and security purposes, the Vol State Campus Police Department will provide Campus Safety Escorts whereby an individual can be escorted from one on-campus location to their desired on-campus destination by utilizing a member of the Vol State Campus Police Department. In order to obtain an escort, one can either contact an officer in person or by contacting the campus police department. An escort is available to students, employees, and guests while they are on Volunteer State Community College campuses during normal operating hours. Uniformed officers will offer a walking/riding escort to any destination on the college campuses.  No escorts will be made off-campus unless an emergency or special circumstance exists. 

Lost and Found

Vol State Campus Police Department at Gallatin, Livingston, Springfield, and Cookeville Campus is recognized as the college’s offices responsible for lost and found items. To ensure the security of found items, as well as protect the finder, we ask that all lost and found items be turned in to the Campus Police Department as soon as the item is found.  If you are unable to bring the item to the office, please contact Campus Police for an officer to pick up the item.  A reasonable effort will be made to return the item to its owner. Individuals wishing to claim a lost item must provide a detailed description of the item which will provide proof of ownership, present a valid picture identification, and sign a property receipt if it is determined the item is in fact the claimant's. 

Special instructions for individuals who have lost a flash drive -  

  • Found flash drives that are labeled externally with First Name and Last Name will be held in lost and found.  The name has to match a valid ID for pickup.
  • All unlabeled and unclaimed flash drives will be collected by the IT department for a secure wipe and/or to be destroyed.
  • Finders - Do not attempt to verify ownership by inserting an unknown flash drive into VSCC computers.

 Perishable items such as food/drinks and items that could pose a hazard are not accepted.  The Campus Police Department has the right to dispose of an item in a safe and legal way at the discretion of the receiving officer.

Recommendations concerning personal property:

  • Do not remove jewelry when washing hands.
  • Label items such as textbooks, calculators, and flash drives with your name and contact information.
  • Do not leave items unattended.
  • Check your desk, classroom, or work area upon leaving to make sure you haven’t dropped your cell phone, keys, or other personal belongs. 
  • Secure debit/credit cards and driver’s license in a wallet or purse.