Vol State Upper Cumberland Dual Enrollment Grant

Downloadable Vol State UC Dual Enrollment Grant Flyer

  • Volunteer State Community College is proud to provide funding for qualifying Upper Cumberland public high school students to complete up to ten dual enrollment courses tuition-free.
  • Eligible Tennessee counties include Clay, Jackson, Overton, Pickett, Putnam, and Smith Counties.
  • The TSAC Dual Enrollment Grant covers tuition and the dual access fee for the first five dual enrollment semester hour courses. For the sixth through tenth courses, it covers $100 per credit hour. For these extra five classes, the Vol State UC Dual Enrollment Grant will cover the remainder of the tuition.
DEG Course NumberVol State In-state DE Tuition* for a 3-credit hour course**TSAC DEG Award Amount**Vol State UC DEG Amount**Vol State Tuition Cost for the Student
DEG Course 1$554.40$554.40$0$0
DEG Course 2$554.40$554.40$0$0
DEG Course 3$554.40$554.40$0$0
DEG Course 4$554.40$554.40$0$0
DEG Course 5$554.40$554.40$0$0
DEG Course 6$554.40$300.00$254.40$0
DEG Course 7$554.40$300.00$254.40$0
DEG Course 8$554.40$300.00$254.40$0
DEG Course 9$554.40$300.00$254.40$0
DEG Course 10$554.40$300.00$254.40$0

* Displayed costs based on Vol State’s 2023-24 In-State Dual Enrollment tuition and fees schedule. The TSAC DEG and this gap scholarship do not cover books or other course-specific fees. Fees are subject to change.

** Most Dual Enrollment courses are three credit hours. Amounts are adjusted for coursework with lower or higher credit hour designations. Tuition cost for the student remains at $0 regardless of the number of credit hours for the course for students eligible for the TSAC DEG and the Vol State UC DEG.

Eligibility for the Vol State UC Dual Enrollment Grant

  • Is enrolled in the traditional public school system of these Upper Cumberland counties: Clay, Jackson, Overton, Pickett, Putnam, and Smith
  • Complete Vol State's free admissions application process for dual enrollment
  • Apply to and be eligible for the TSAC Dual Enrollment Grant
  • Maintain eligibility for the Dual Enrollment Grant, including maintaining a minimum college cumulative GPA of 2.0 or higher
  • Only DE classes taken at Vol State are eligible
  • ONLY applies toward tuition costs not covered by the TSAC Dual Enrollment Grant in classes six through ten after all other types of financial aid and discounts have been awarded (does not cover books, additional class fees, or classes beyond the tenth class under the TSAC Dual Enrollment Grant)
  • No application is needed for the grant! Eligibility is automatically assessed, and funds are awarded each semester for UC students taking dual enrollment at Vol State

If you have questions, please email us at dualenrollment@volstate.edu

The Vol State Upper Cumberland (Putnam, Overton, Pickett, Clay, Smith, Jackson) Dual Enrollment Grant is made possible thanks to the Copeland family and other generous donors and business leaders in the Upper Cumberland that led to the establishment of the Upper Cumberland Fund at Vol State. Vol State is working to continue to grow the Upper Cumberland Fund via fundraisers and private donations in an effort to continue the legacy of the original donors by expanding access to education and workforce development opportunities in the Upper Cumberland Region. If you would like to contribute, visit the Giving web page to contribute to “Hearts & Minds.”