Staff Resources

How/When to Bid

  1. Individual items or items similar in nature totaling $25,000.00 or above MUST be bid.  This includes cost for shipping.
  2. Contact Purchasing & Contracts Office for assistance with bids.
  3. Bids are opened and analyzed by Purchasing & Contracts.
  4. The requesting department must go with the lowest, most responsible, qualified bidder.
  5. Departments may not change their bid request after bids are mailed (i.e. increase amount needed) Additional quantities may be purchased on a separate purchase order, if there is written documentation from a vendor stating they will honor their bid price.
  6. Items that can only be purchased from one (1) known vendor must have a “sole source” letter from the vendor and must complete the Sole Source Justification.

Hardware/Software Purchases

  1. All hardware and software purchases must be made by the Information Technology (IT) Department before placing the order.
  2. Hardware and software items, when received, must be installed by the IT Department.
  3. Hardware and software items not on a contract (i.e. state contract, contract from other institutions, VSCC contract, etc...) must be bid when the amount is $25,000.00 or more.
  4. All licensing and maintenance agreements for hardware/software must be forwarded to the Purchasing & Contracts Office for review.

Capital Projects

  1. All Capital Project requisitions must go through our Director of Facilities.  Please call Ext. 3797 if you have a request.
  2. All invoices for Capital Projects should be sent to the Director of Facilities for a receiving report to be processed.  The invoice and receiving report are forwarded to the Purchasing & Contracts Office where a payment request is issued and sent to Tennessee Board of Regents.
  3. All problems with shipments or functioning of equipment should be communicated to the Director of Facilities (ext .3797).



Procard Information

  1. If your card is lost or stolen, please contact the Procard Administrator at (615) 230-3406 or call (800) 375-1747.
  2. Make sure you let the vendor know that Vol State is tax exempt!
  3. Ask the vendor to put your name/department on the package that is to be delivered.
  4. Maintain a Procard activity log every month.
  5. Procards may not be used for the following (see General Travel Policy)
    • Travel (with exceptions noted in accordance with TBR General Travel policy 4:03:03:00)
    • Cash Advances
    • Purchases over your assigned limit
    • Maintenance/Service Contracts unless approved by Purchasing and Contracts Office
    • Medical Services
    • Fuel
    • Personal Services
  6. Turn your Procard log and all receipts into your departmental reconciler promptly at the beginning of each month. Each reconciler must have all departmental postings complete by the 9th of each month.
  7. If you forget your password, please contact the Procard administrator at (615) 230-3406.


Contract Forms


Pioneer Purchase Training Documents