Aerosol Can Recycling

Insert aerosol can, nozzle end down, into Aerosolv housing sleeve, so that shoulder of can rests on gasket. For 1'' mini-cans, push shoulder of can beyond gasket. Be sure to remove cap from aerosol can prior to insertion.

When puncturing jumbo cans, remove white plastic sleeve from Aerosolv housing, then insert can.

Lower sliding top plate and firmly engage against plastic sleeve or bottom of jumbo can. Tighten lock knob.

Push handle down firmly until completely depressed and hold in place while can releases initial pressure and contents. Allow the contents of the can to drain into the collection drum (about 20 seconds).

After removing punctured can, lower sliding top to rest on plastic sleeve to seal collection drum. For jumbo cans, replace plastic sleeve prior to lowering sliding top plate.

Safety Instructions

  1. Wear safety goggles/face shield while operating Aerosolv.
  2. Do not use Aerosolv while smoking or near open flame.
  3. Install Anti-Static Wire to properly grounded drum.
  4. Install Combination Filter prior to using Aerosolv. Replace Carbon Cartridge as indicated.
  5. Do not use Aerosolv on a drum with less than 30-gallon capacity.
  6. Remove Aerosolv to an empty drum once collection drum is 70% full (when contents reach within 10' of the top).
  7. Always engage sliding top plate against can being punctured.
  8. Do not use Aerosolv for puncturing foaming aerosol products propelled by propane.
  9. Always operate system in a well ventilated area.