Gasoline Powered Utility Vehicle Safety Review


  1. Drivers and passengers should always remain seated while the cart is moving.
  2. Only authorized employees should be permitted to drive utility vehicles.
  3. The number of users on a cart should never exceed the number of seats.
  4. Slow down and honk the horn (if available) at intersections. Try and make eye contact with pedestrians.
  5. Reduce speed when near pedestrians, and remember that they have the right-of-way.
  6. Use safety mirrors whenever possible (if available).
  7. Reduce speed when turning corners or passing through openings.
  8. Do not park carts in the way of emergency equipment, aisles, doorways, or traffic flow.
  9. Only drive the cart at a speed which is safe for conditions. Never operate a cart at a speed over 15 mph.
  10. Always observe any applicable traffic laws.
  11. Always try to operate carts on approved travel areas.
  12. All passengers should keep their hands, arms, and legs within the confines of the cart.
  13. When the cart is not in use, always park it in a safe area and apply the parking brake.
  14. Do not leave the keys in the ignition when left unattended.
  15. Never back up without looking to see what is behind the cart.
  16. Maintain a safe distance between your cart and other vehicles or carts.


Inspect each cart daily prior to use. Check for:

  1. Tire condition and inflation.
  2. Steering.
  3. Forward and reverse gears.
  4. Brake condition.
  5. Turn signals, horns, and mirror positioning.
  6. Lights.
  7. Overall cleanliness.