Battery Disposal

Procedures & Packaging Requirements

All batteries must be packaged for transportation in a manner which prevents short circuiting and damage to the battery or its terminals. This may be achieved by following the preventive measures listed below:

  • Each battery must be placed in a separate plastic baggie or the terminal ends must be taped securely.
  • Batteries must be properly labeled and separated by their chemical type (ni-cad, lithium, alkaline, lead, etc.).
  • Metal 55 gallon drums must have a poly drum liner bag in the drum. Poly drums or non-conductive containers do not require a liner bag.
  • Large vented batteries (lead acid, vented ni-cad, etc.) which are palletized must have a heavy cardboard or non-conductive divider between the battery terminals if stacked on the pallet. Batteries must be securely packaged on the pallet in a way which prevents shifting during transportation.

If you have any questions see Michelle Boyd, Environmental, Health & Safety - Room 106J Wood Campus Center, (615) 230 - 3617.