Stop Sexual Misconduct/Violence

Sexual misconduct is a form of sex discrimination prohibited by Title IX. Volunteer State Community College prohibits sex discrimination, sexual harassment and sexual misconduct on all of its campuses and is committed to taking action to prevent all acts of sexual misconduct and to investigating and adjudicating all reports of sexual misconduct. Sexual misconduct includes dating violence, domestic violence, sexual assault and stalking.

Reporting Incidents

The College understands that the decision to report sexual misconduct or sexual violence is often not an easy one. The College encourages victims of sexual violence to talk to somebody about what happened so they can get the support they need and so the College can respond appropriately. You may feel you need time to consider whether or not you want to report the incident to the College or to law enforcement. The College supports your decision, even if you choose not to make a report.

Immediate Steps to Take

Regardless of your decision to report, your safety and wellbeing are important to the College, and victims are encouraged to take the following steps in the immediate aftermath of a sexual assault, dating violence, domestic violence or similar event:

  • Call 911 if you, or someone else, is in immediate danger
  • Get to a safe place
  • Seek medical attention, regardless of your decision to report the crime
  • Preserve all evidence, including text messages, instant messages, social networking pages, other communications, photographs, etc.

To ensure valuable physical evidence is not lost, a victim should not:

  • Bathe or shower
  • Wash his/her hands
  • Brush his/her teeth
  • Use the restroom
  • Change clothes
  • Comb hair
  • Clean up the crime scene
  • Move anything the offender may have touched

Even if you have not yet decided to report the crime, receiving a forensic medical exam and keeping the evidence safe from damage will improve the chances that the police can access and test the stored evidence at a later date if you choose to report the crime to law enforcement. You have the right to accept or decline any or all parts of a medical exam.

Reporting Options

Institutional Report to the Title IX Coordinator

To report sexual misconduct to institutional authorities, please contact the College’s Title IX Coordinator:

Vice President of Human Resources/AAO
1480 Nashville Pike
Gallatin, TN 37066
615-230-3592 or

If you report the incident to institutional authorities, the Title IX Coordinator can also help you file a report with law enforcement if you choose. A victim always has the right to decline to involve the police.

You may use the form provided to file a complaint with the Title IX Coordinator, but it is not necessary to submit a written complaint in order to receive services.

Complaint Form

Please review these additional resources:

Notice of Rights and Options

List of Campus and Community Resources

Local Resources

Law Enforcement

Victims of sexual misconduct are strongly encouraged to report the incident to law enforcement in addition to making an institutional report. Law enforcement will conduct a separate, independent investigation. To report sexual misconduct to law enforcement, you may contact Campus Police at 615-230- 3595.

Confidential Reporting

If you prefer to report an incident of sexual misconduct in a confidential manner, a list of confidential community resources is available in the Office of Advising or by calling 615-230-3702. The College respects every victim’s decision to report an incident confidentially; however, making a confidential report limits the College’s ability to conduct an investigation or pursue disciplinary action against the alleged offender.


The College, its officers, employees or agents, is strictly prohibited from retaliating, intimidating, threatening, coercing or otherwise discriminating against any individual for exercising his/her rights or responsibilities under any provision of this policy. Retaliation will result in disciplinary measures, up to and including, termination or expulsion.

College Policies

Harassment and Sexual Violence Prevention Training Materials