Employee Benefits

The information in the following reference sheet applies to all regular full-time employees. Regular part-time employees hired less than 100% but at least 80% (30/hr weekly) receive Annual and Sick Leave benefits on a pro-rated basis.

Benefits Administration
Suite 2600 312 Rosa L. Parks Avenue
Nashville, TN 37243
(800) 253 - 9981

Flexible Spending Account Benefits - Payflex

Payflex - Health Savings Account (HSA)

Long-term Disability (LTD) benefits provide you with loss of income protection if you become disabled form a covered sickness or accidental bodily injury. Your elimination period is the period of time you must be disabled before benefits become payable.  Below are the options to choose from: 

Hybrid Plan - July 1, 2014

Tennessee Consolidated Retirement Services

(800) 922 – 7772

Optional Retirement Plan Documents by Vendor

Treasury Department’s web site: http://treasury.tn.gov/Retirement/Retire-Ready-Tennessee/for-Higher-Education-Employees



Valic/AIG Retirement Services

Supplemental Retirement

Deferred Compensation 401(k) and 457

(800) 922-7772 Option 2
Ben Straley, (615) 564-7005, ben.straley@empower-retirement.com

Tax Deferred Annuities (403 (b))