HR Training

Annual Discrimination/Harassment/Sexual Violence Prevention and Awareness Program

Pursuant to federal and state law, as well as TBR and Vol State policy, all employees are required to complete a variety of training programs on an annual basis. As part of the College’s comprehensive prevention and awareness program for employees, the College offers two training courses: Sexual Misconduct Prevention training and Title VI Non-Discrimination Training. The Sexual Misconduct Prevention training course addresses workplace harassment (Title VII) and sexual violence (Title IX). The Title VI Non-Discrimination course addresses race, color, and national origin discrimination in programs and activities that receive federal funding.

Title VI - Non-Discrimination Training

The Title VI Non-Discrimination training course is assigned to all VSCC employees in eLearn. Employees may access the course by logging in to eLearn with your VSCC credentials and selecting the current Title VI Non-Discrimination Training course from the Select a Course icon at the top of the page. The course is not considered to be complete until you have submitted your Final Assessment quiz answers. You will receive a message indicating completion that will post to your Course Announcements in eLearn.

If you have any questions regarding VSCC policies that pertain to Title VI, please contact Lori Cutrell, Vice President of Human Resources / Title VI Coordinator, at (615) 230-4834.

For eLearn assistance, you may contact the Office of Distributed Education at (615) 230-3665 or via email to

Sexual Misconduct Prevention Training

The Sexual Misconduct Prevention course is an online interactive training course hosted by Catharsis Productions that covers Title IX policies and best practices and addresses sexual misconduct, sexual harassment, and interpersonal violence. The course also covers how to respond to disclosures and when to intervene when you witness questionable behavior. 

If you have any questions regarding VSCC policies pertaining to sex discrimination, harassment, or misconduct, please contact Lori Cutrell, Vice President of Human Resources / Title IX Coordinator, at 615-230-4834. 

If you experience issues accessing either course, please contact Allison Marberry, Administrator of Training and Development, at 615-230-4873.